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Nov 18, 2022

Short episode summary

In this episode of The RunRX Podcast, Coach Valerie and Coach Caroline share how you can use inspiration to keep moving and remind yourself to pull your feet up and keep going.


Timestamps of big takeaways

Coach Valerie’s Running Beginnings

[01:39] When Coach Valerie started running marathons, she was curious about how her friends stayed inspired and pushed themselves to keep moving. Her friends told her they used a lot of positive self-talk and spiritual quotes, and other people start talking like that to you too while you’re running. Unfortunately, Coach Valerie said that wasn’t helping her run.


[02:36] Coaching in running helped Coach Valerie realize the goal is to pull her foot up, so she just started telling herself and her clients, “Up! Up! Up! Up…Exhale”


The Amputees

[03:59] Coach Valerie has seen and worked with amputees and wheelchair users. She has been inspired by them. Fighting an issue like that is never easy, but these runners choose to alter their movement and continue running. They do not regard difficulty as a problem and continue to move and accomplish what they enjoy.


Developing Your Mindset

[07:31] Coach Caroline talks about how the mind is a unique body part. The body is powerful, but the mind has the power to keep you from moving. That is why training your mind to think positively and like you can do it, will help you get started and cross the finish line.


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