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May 20, 2022

Short episode summary

Failure isn’t actually failure. It is also a lesson that teaches you something great. In this episode of the RunRX Podcast, Coach Caroline and Coach Valerie discuss the connection between speed and running. They also share how we learn through failure.


Timestamps of big takeaways

Running in Miles and Speed

[01:02] You exert much more effort when you’re running fast, and many people that run slowly actually perform the movements incorrectly. This is because their feet touch the ground longer than fast runners.


[02:34] You have the power to control your run. It is for you to decide whether running will be easy, slow, fast, or hard. When running properly, we use gravity to our advantage. If you just want to go for a nice and enjoyable run, you just need to fall enough that you can still hold yourself. If you are interested in getting to a faster speed, you may change your angle of fall.


Allowing Yourselves to Fall

[04:07] People don’t realize that gravity is one of the causes why a person is running slow. You are not allowing yourself to use gravity. Everyone can use gravity to their advantage to speed up.


[04:57] We sometimes fear that we’ll actually fall down even if we’re not. Toddlers don’t start walking until they gain balance, and it takes time and practice. Once they gain balance, they start trying to stand up or run. You can learn a new movement too.


[06:23] Trust yourself. You wouldn’t let yourself actually fall down.


Failure isn’t Bad

[07:57] You’ll never know what’s wrong if you don’t know what’s right. Toddlers learn through the process of failure. A toddler tries to walk and falls many times before they get it right. They simply pick themselves up and try to walk again.


[09:05] You have to understand that failing isn’t bad. Instead, it is the process of understanding what’s right and what must be done to move correctly. You sometimes learn how to do something properly through failure.


Rules in Running

[10:21] When running, you are using gravity and muscle elasticity. You are holding your angle of fall and keeping a minimum cadence. You need to challenge yourself to run to the best of your abilities.


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