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Dec 31, 2021

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Short episode summary

Like a well-lived life, running is about discovering inner serenity, and it is beneficial to your health, enhances energy levels, and aids mental clarity. In this episode, Coach Valerie talks about the first 12 weeks of training with her, the essential aspects to help you improve, and how self-motivation and being goal-driven are vital to a successful coaching session for every runner who would like to improve their running.


Timestamps of big takeaways

[00:53] 12 weeks work because you're attempting to relearn something, and you're trying to master a four-movement sequence before learning a new one. And there's a lot of attitude and perception stuff that goes along with it. The question then becomes whether you can genuinely relearn everything in under 12 weeks.


[01:31] In truth, regardless of what you're learning or relearning, you must put in the effort and put forth the labor. To achieve your goal, you must have the right mindset, and you must agree with yourself on some parts of that aim.


[02:18] Success in the membership means running without pain. Some people who come in have either had previous coaching or previously played sports. Others come in who have never had a coach before and have no idea how it works. So, when we say be open to coaching, what we mean is we should both show up invested in seeing your success. I want to see you succeed, and you must be willing to look at your movement and improve it.


[03:23] In training with us, you’re not going to miss out on distance. However, in the beginning, you might not be running as much because we’re training you to hold the pose you need past 10, 20, 30 meters, or more. If you keep repeating the same movement pattern you had before coaching, you won't be able to help prevent injury and pain in your runs.


[05:06] First and foremost, the term "perception" is rarely used and is often misused. Many folks come in and say they're not runners or that they're slow runners - they've already categorized themselves.


[05:29]: So, as part of assisting people with understanding what running is, you should adjust your mindset to consider running as a movement rather than judging yourself based on your pace or distance. Let's start with the basics: I'm running.


[06:26] How did you feel at the time? Were you aware of the fact that you were falling? Did you notice how light your feet felt or how unweighted you felt? As we begin to introduce these terms, you have to start to comprehend what they mean. Because most runners aren't truly connected to their running except for their pain, and the only time the run feels nice is when it doesn't hurt. 


[08:58] At first, everyone's runner's high, or satisfaction from running, is derived solely from a distance, and going for a run is the joy of running. Coach Valerie wants to reframe your mindset about running to reduce your chances of injuries, and she is more concerned with proper running form and patterns than distance.


[09:58] When we practice, it only helps if we focus on the movement. When we talk about the 30 minutes, make that your practice time. Even if you’re not running - remember you are working out as you work on things like balance, especially in the beginning. Standing in pose for one minute is something you can do anytime, anywhere. So it'll be the small amounts of constant work that will make the real changes that help you run pain-free.


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