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Jul 22, 2022

Short episode summary

In this episode of the RunRX Podcast, Coaches Valerie and Caroline and Coach Valerie discuss how cycling relates to running. Believe it or not, the RunRX program can prepare you to be a better cyclist!


Timestamps of big takeaways

Methods of Cycling and Running Efficiently

[00:49] The best position for a movement is referred to as a pose. Most individuals would be able to identify the standard position when we mention there is one for swimming, jogging, cycling, or other activities.


The Pose Method was developed by Dr. Romanov, and it is the ideal standard of movement in running.


The Middle Ground

[02:39] What's really cool with cycling is that it seems to be the middle ground in exercising. Most people didn't grow up as cyclists. They grew up swimming or running. With cycling, you learn how to use your body weight more naturally.


The Principle of Cycling

[04:30] Most people think that when you pedal, you're supposed to apply pressure from the front of the leg and the quad. People mistakenly think that cycling involves pressing your front leg into the ground at the pedal's base while pulling your foot up with your hamstring, much like you would while scraping dirt off your shoes. The challenge is you actually don't need to use either one of those movements. You must change body weight between one and three o'clock on the pedal. The muscle that actually plays the biggest role is the glute.


How RunRX Prepares You For Running and Cycling

[06:56] There are four cycling drills that RunRX teaches that anyone can do on their bike to help them learn to be more efficient on the bike. It is fun because you start thinking about things differently like when you pedal up a hill, you should be in your really lowest gear and just spin up the hill. If you feel that you could add resistance, then add resistance. Going downhill, you can just let gravity do its thing and stop pedaling.


Principle of Swimming

[10:28] When Coach Valerie first met Dr. Romanov, he gave her a swimming lesson that opened her mind to swimming. Dr. Romanov taught her how to feel her body weight through her hands using them as support. So in swimming, your hand is your support. That's what's in the water supporting you. So what happens is you hold your hand, and you press down a little bit, and you bring your body up and over your support, which is your hand. So swimming kind of feels like climbing a ladder or doing a reverse monkey bar in the water.


How RunRX Helps Triathletes

[13:25] The core of what RunRX teaches revolves around running. However, we have several triathletes in the program that also benefit from our drills thanks to the implementation of strengthening the hop and holding the body in line.


The Immersion

[15:26] The idea behind RunRX’s Immersion was to “immerse” yourself in a movement to understand what it is. Many people that come to RunRX have different notions about running and injuries. The immersion allows you to understand the concept of what you are learning and practicing. The challenge is actually getting into the pose and doing the movement correctly. The idea is to allow yourself to learn how to do this movement correctly, which means you need to practice the correct movement.


Having a Support System


Hearing someone else's correction is really powerful because it's easier to see someone else do the movement correctly or hear it from someone else other than yourself. Other people likely will have questions about certain movements or about dealing with injuries - and you can learn a lot from the answers their questions will prompt. Having support from the community will also allow you to check in with yourself and be held accountable in running, cycling, or even swimming, and improve your movement overall.

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