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Apr 22, 2022

Short episode summary

In this episode of the RunRX Podcast, Coaches Caroline and Valerie will discuss developing a relationship with your body and how to connect while running.


Timestamps of big takeaways


The Main Challenge for Beginners   

[01:24] The challenge for many people is that they believe you are supposed to already know how to run.


[02:23] People want a quick fix. They are supposed to know how to run, and the relationship most people have with running with our body is that you're supposed to perform when coaches expect you to. But what if you don’t know the correct form?!?


[02:54] Running is natural. Everyone can run. You just have to change the relationship with running. Recognize that it is a movement that you need to know how to do correctly and efficiently.


Connect the Body as a Unit

[04:12] Your body must be connected as a unit - you need to be able to understand how your body moves and how to move correctly. Where should every element of your body be in the middle of a run?


Be Okay with Not Knowing How to Run

[06:01] The challenge is to be willing to say that you don’t know how to run correctly and be okay with that. When our bodies aren't doing what we want, we may need a little extra to help put things back in place, and correct our form. The best way to put yourself back in place is to move correctly and do the self-care that goes along with it.


Don’t Listen to Music While Running

[11:06] Many people want to use running as a disconnect. But when people put on music while they run, it disconnects them from the running itself.


[11:43] You can really connect with your body while running. When you let go of thinking about how far you are running, you will be more connected with the running itself, and feel how your body is moving. Start being present in the run because it'll help you change how you feel about the action, how you feel about your body, and its connection to running which can ultimately improve your form and prevent injuries in the long run.


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