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Jan 15, 2021

Short episode summary

Spoiler alert! You can not catch up on running exercises. So what can you do if you miss a workout training? The truth is, you just keep going when you do come back to running. That is why your foundation of training is so critical to running pain-free.


Timestamps of big takeaways

[1:05] Coach Valerie addresses that you can’t catch up on running exercises

[1:51] Coach Caroline compares “catching up” on a workout to trying to “catch up” on a diet, driving, and sleeping

[3:17] Coach Valerie discusses whether or not you have to start your training all over if you miss a few days

[4:04] Coach Caroline tells people that are not in the membership group what they should know if they’re following Coach Valerie on social media to learn how to run

[5:00] Coach Valerie shares that how training material is delivered is intentional

[5:45] If you’re on a training plan, and you miss a training - what do you do next?

[6:45] This is your permission slip to stop trying to “catch up” on training


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