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Jan 22, 2021

Short episode summary

Coach Valerie and Coach Caroline continue the discussion on what shoes to wear when you run. Spoiler alert - the answer is different for everyone. In this quick episode, they discuss plated shoes, orthotics, and more. Give it a listen if you're still debating about the best shoe for you.


Timestamps of big takeaways

[00:41] Coach Valerie explains what plated shoes are and the idea behind them

[1:08] Instead of the plated shoes, here’s what you should actually do

[1:46] When do elite runners use plated shoes? Coach Valerie answers that and explains that these shoes were nearly banned from the Olympics

[2:55] Coach Valerie talks about wearing orthotics and the problem with them

[3:43] Coach Valerie shares fast facts about a new shoe study and its results

[6:12] Coach Caroline asks Coach Valerie to address weight, what being heavier does to your feet, and how it impacts your run

[7:10] Coach Caroline discusses what could happen after you start losing weight


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Links mentioned in episode

We mention the What Shoes Should You Buy Episode. If you missed it, listen here

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