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Jan 29, 2021

Short episode summary

Is your running coach teaching you the wrong way to run? It’s very possible, and one way to tell is if they are using high knees and butt kicks in their drills. You’ve got to change your mindset about running, and use gravity in your favor instead of focusing on pushing and landing because that is when you get injured.


Timestamps of big takeaways

[00:52] Coach Valerie answers the question of why you should not do high knees and butt kicks

[2:30] Coach Caroline mentions her favorite running drills

[3:07] Coach Valerie reiterates why your drills and exercises must include pull in them to be effective

[3:52] Coach Caroline shares the biggest problems they see with RunRX members when they run

[4:14] Coach Valerie discusses why pushing is wrong in running

[4:55] Coach Valerie explains the problem with butt kicks

[5:10] Coach Caroline talks about coaches that do drills with butt kicks and the problems it causes in running

[5:56] Coach Valerie discusses gravity in running

[6:32] Coach Valerie suggests a mindset shift in how you think about running

[7:00] Coach Caroline explains how running incorrectly causes the accepted pains that don’t have to happen at all

[8:10] Coach Valerie tells us how to have more fun running by letting go of landing

[8:48] Coach Caroline spills the beans on what you’ll never see happen when you’re watching a runner run

[9:00] Coach Caroline shares what happens when you run in a pool

[9:38] Water running helps injured runners heal 


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