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Dec 22, 2020

Short episode summary

In this episode Coach Valerie tells the story of how the RunRX brand came to be. She shares her story about how when she began running, there were a lot of running injuries. Valerie also discusses that people weren’t exactly receptive to her running ideas outside of her initial clientele.


When Coach Valerie began, there were no online classes, let alone running certifications she could easily access. She started with a book, taught herself from that book, and then finally got training live from Dr. Nicholas Romanov - the founder of the pose method.


There’s more to running than just the skill of how you move your body. There’s also mindset and self-care, as well as stretching self-care that goes into the mix. Having all three is critical to being a great runner and being able to do it without pain.


Timestamps of big takeaways

[00:23] Coach Valerie shares what RunRX means

[1:20] Coach Valerie goes into the specifics of how the brand began, and how it started with a lot of running injuries.

[2:27] Coach Valerie explains that in the beginning, people who weren’t her clients yet were not receptive to the idea of her RunRX method.

[3:17] Coach Valerie shares that despite people not being receptive at the time, she knew that RunRX needed to be shared

[4:19] Coach Caroline asks for a deeper dive into Coach Valerie’s running certification and the standard of movement

[6:01] Coach Valerie shares the biggest fight in the community

[7:20] Coach Caroline talks about unconscious competence and getting used to how to move correctly

[8:14] Coach Valerie talks about developing an awareness of correct movement, and how it can change your workout and whether or not you will get injured while moving

[9:44] Coach Valerie discusses the triangles of the RunRX method, and how it can truly improve your running practice

[11:59] Coach Valerie shares more about the skill, strength, and self-care aspects of the triangle of the RunRX method

[13:45] Coach Valerie explains how runners need to use better methods to improve their running rather than inappropriate workarounds that take too long, and too much effort

[15:01] Does the timing of when you stretch matter? Or is it more important that we make sure we stretch?

[16:11] Coach Caroline and Coach Valerie wrap up the episode


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