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Dec 30, 2022

Short episode summary

In this episode, coaches Caroline and Valerie talk about becoming a better runner without getting bored or neglecting the basics.


Timestamps of big takeaways

Going Through Levels

[02:13] Coach Valerie's initial step with runners is to help them change their thinking and learn how to move more effectively. Coach Valerie wants runners to understand that they must accept their current level for the time being before they can improve.



[05:56] Running is about progression. Coach Valerie shared someone’s story about how she could run pain-free after doing several 10K to Half marathons before going to big marathons. When you go through the preparation for races with a coach instead of on your own, you'll often learn that it wasn't the marathon that created the stress fracture (or your specific injury) but how you prepared for the race in the first place.


Training Plans

[09:46] Coach Valerie emphasizes the importance of learning to run properly. If you can’t run for an hour, you’re not ready to run a 10k. You need to work on increasing your endurance, cardiovascular fitness, and stability.


[13:23] Runners are not attaining their full potential because they are hindered by their internal constraints and perceptions of their limitations.

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