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May 21, 2021

Short episode summary

If you have “tight hips,” “tight hamstrings,” tingling in the legs, or other sores from running or even sitting - you’re going to want to tune into this episode. The pains you have might not be solved the way you think.


Timestamps of big takeaways

[00:25] Coach Caroline discusses some of the equipment used for running injuries

[01:18] Coach Valerie talks gizmos and gadgets, and odds and ends for injuries

[02:05] What does a roller really do? Find out here

[03:20] Coach Valerie addresses Coach Caroline’s questions about using equipment for stretching and injuries while being out of shape

[04:50] Lacrosse ball or tune up ball? Coach Valerie discusses both

[05:40] Why do we get the tingly feeling after being seated for a while?

[06:20] Coach Valerie shares why roller balls are so important for the feet

[07:22] Extra cushioned shoes are a bad thing in running - learn why here

[08:11] The foot and ankle have a lot of muscles that need to be cared for

[08:38] Coach Caroline encourages us to look up holistic stretching

[09:54] Coach Valerie discusses a cadaver study and what it revealed for stretching

[11:15] Let’s talk reflexology

[12:06] If you have an injury - try this

[12:27] Stretching is a myth? Gasp! You gotta hear this!

[13:16] Coach Valerie drives home what is really happening when you’re “stretching”

[14:35] How we perform a movement is telling. It might not be tightness of muscles, it could be this

[15:51] Here you will learn how you can pull a muscle and common running injuries


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