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Jun 18, 2021

Short episode summary

Trigger warning: This episode might upset some people because we’re talking mileage time. But, we encourage you to tune in anyway because there are some important truth bombs being revealed! 


Timestamps of big takeaways

[00:22] We’re talking about the slow runner today - deep breaths guys!

[01:22] If you’re taking this long to run a mile, you’re not running 

[02:06] Coach Valerie shares about when she met Coach Caroline 

[02:38] A good coach doesn’t believe this... 

[03:20] We celebrate anybody that wants to do the work, but is that the right way to coach? 

[04:20] Here you will learn the best way to be coached in walking and running 

[05:02] Coach Valerie shares a little more about her experience with Dr. Romanov 

[06:07] After working with Dr. Romanov, Coach Valerie’s race times improved 

[06:26] Improving time wasn’t even Coach Valerie’s goal 

[06:48] We’re not talking about weight and its impact on your mileage time

[08:52] Your body will change while training, and weight loss, like running, is a journey 

[09:48] Coach Caroline reiterates that your weight does not impact how you run 

[11:20] Quality over quantity is more important in drills

[12:05] You can practice pose even while walking 

[12:49] Get some free training with our 30-day reboot on YouTube - the link is in the show notes  

[13:40] Learn the only reason Coach Caroline would ever get up at 5:30 in the morning here 

[14:51] Don’t worry as much about length in training, instead do this 

[15:32] Coach Caroline shares how she would train when living in an apartment in Phoenix 

[16:31] Remember, be coachable, and keep in mind our goal is to run pain-free 

[17:15] Running should be for you 

[17:58] What if you can’t run a quick mile? That’s okay - do this instead

[18:56] Coach Caroline pleads with you to do this 


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30-day reboot on YouTube by RunRX

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