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Jul 16, 2021

Short episode summary

Coach Valerie addresses a long stride vs. overstride, and the misconceptions about what impacts stride length.


Timestamps of big takeaways

[00:25] Coach Valerie explains what stride is

[02:18] Let’s talk about sprinters and the image it creates in most people’s minds

[03:15] Learn what the only thing you can control during a run is here

[04:15] Over striding actually means this…

[04:53] Coach Valerie shares a benefit to learning the RunRX method of running

[05:44] Coach Caroline talks about a live clinic that we held, and what she witnessed

[07:13] In the membership, this is what you can expect

[08:15] Work when you need to work...let us help you be more efficient in running

[09:08] So when we’re talking about stride, we mean from “pose” to “pose”

[09:48] Coach Valerie explains what the goal should be for your videos when running

[11:25] Most runners that come to us take this many frames to go from pose to pose

[13:08] You can improve your running quickly with focus and working on your mindset

[14:21] Coach Caroline invites you to join us for Facebook Live


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