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Mar 3, 2023

Short episode summary

Are your glutes firing on all cylinders while you train? Let’s talk about it in this episode!


Timestamps of big takeaways

Squeezing the Gluteus Maximus

[01:21] Coach Caroline was told by a coach her glutes weren't firing while running. He recommended that she squeeze her buns. Coach Valerie also had hamstring troubles during her run, which she attributed to her glutes not "firing."


[03:38] While the body is upright, the glutes are on because it holds the body while it is relaxed when sitting. Thus, if someone tells you that your glutes aren't firing, you're more than likely bending slightly over, and your hips have to do more work.


[04:58] 99% of the people Coach Valerie worked with who were informed their glutes weren't firing had no problem with their glutes. The problem is how they handle themselves when running.


Top Runners Aren’t Concerned About Squats 

[5:56] The top marathoners aren't concerned with completing a large number of squats. Instead, they require only a few squat reps before running because it's not about the muscle, but how to hold yourself up using strength workouts.


[07:01] Coach Valerie teaches runners how to activate their glutes by positioning themselves correctly and practicing strength work to maintain that position.


The Truth About Core Strength

[07:54] People would be unable to stand upright or even walk around the block without core strength. Most people have the strength, but they need to be using it appropriately.


[08:14] Because the knees are joints, they lack muscles. Hence, if your knees are in pain when doing strength training, you're doing something wrong.


[09:00] Coach Valerie emphasizes the importance of focusing on the pattern you are developing when doing strength training, and training to run. You have to build the correct patterns into your movements and engage the proper muscle patterns whether you’re at the gym or doing the RunRX exercises.


[10:42] Moving your arms isn’t going to make you run faster. It’s not about trying to add more movement. It’s about moving the right way. Moving correctly is the only thing that will actually improve your speed.


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