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Feb 24, 2023

Short episode summary

How is one’s heart rate connected to exercise? What does it often tell you about your movement? Tune in and find out!


Timestamps of big takeaways


Maximum Heart Rate

[0:41] The maximum heart rate of a person can be computed by subtracting their age from 220 for men and 226 for women. The idea when this formula was made was to get a baseline of a person’s max heart rate. It was then discovered that the percentage of heart rate had a direct correlation to how much fat a person was burning vs carbohydrates. The higher the heart rate doing cardio, the more carbohydrates being used. And, the lower the heart rate, the more fat is burned.


[04:19] It’s important to work at all levels. To strengthen your heart, it needs to exert effort. It’s better to have a blended workout where you get your heart rate up, let it recover, then do it all over again.


[6:45] Your heart rate can impact your movement, intensity, and overall potential. The better movement you have, the more efficient you get. The more you improve your movement, the easier it will feel with practice. What was hard in the beginning won’t be as hard to do as you progress. 


Fear About Elevated Heart Rate

[7:22] When Coach Valerie was an aerobics teacher, she recalled her students' fear and how they kept checking their heart rate. There was a fear at that time about doing aerobic exercises. Aerobic is for fat-burning, while anaerobic is for sugar-burning.


Recovery Heart Rate

[9:48] In running or endurance, 120 is the recovery heart rate. When you stop running, your heart rate should drop to 120 after about 90 seconds. The faster you recover the more “fit” you are.


Connect With Your Breathing

[12:24] When you’re running, you should also connect with your breathing. It is a cardiovascular exercise. If you’re trying to control your breath, you are controlling your movement. The freedom of running is just to let your body run and connect with both breathing and movement. 


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