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Jul 30, 2021

Short episode summary

You need a coach if you want to learn the right way to run pain-free. Period. Listen in to see if you agree with us.


Timestamps of big takeaways

[00:41] Coach Valerie shares a story that illuminates why you need a coach 

[02:12] Coach Caroline reiterate the benefits of having a coach

[03:10] We dive a little deeper into why everyone needs a coach

[04:48] A coach can help you work out more efficiently and effectively

[05:46] If you try to “spot train,” this can happen

[07:10] Strength isn’t what most of us are lacking

[09:05] Sometimes you just need someone to teach you how to do something correctly

[09:57] Coach Valerie shares her experience of group workouts vs personalized coaching

[11:45] We need less accountability and more coaching

[12:02] Coach Caroline discusses coaching in the RunRX membership

[13:01] Coach Valerie explains that paid members can send videos for a Gait Analysis, and why the membership is so valuable

[15:20] Accountability is easy - and you don’t need a coach for that

[15:51] But when something is wrong, you need a qualified coach to explain what’s wrong

[16:43] Coaching is about looking at you and your movement with your current state/issues

[18:00] People expect trainers to tell you the correct movements for working out, but you need this from a running coach too!


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