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Sep 30, 2022

Short episode summary

HUGE NEWS! The October Virtual Clinic is open. How can you participate? Tune in and find out!


Timestamps of big takeaways

Getting Injured Shouldn’t Mean You Stop Running

[1:21] Most people that come to RunRX are injured, and in a lot of cases, they stop running altogether after an injury. Some people try to improve by changing their shoes and doing self-care. If you are experiencing this, you could try joining RunRX for a virtual clinic. You will learn a lot when it comes to proper running and movement. Learning the proper movements will help you prevent injuries and improve your running.


Running Pain-Free is About Posture


One of the important things to practice when it comes to running is posture. However, not all people prefer to get their movement right. They have their own plans to work on improving their body parts.


[5:04] Most people think that in running, you just have to run. But you need to improve your movement first to get better at running and to do it pain-free.


Movement, But Correct Movement is Key

[6:31] Your body needs to move correctly. A correct movement pattern would result in correct movement, which would then prevent injuries.


[7:42] Making a correct movement pattern is the body’s way of putting soft tissues, tendons, and ligaments into the right place. It prevents injuries because if they are out of place, that’s when you risk getting hurt. If you are always experiencing an injury from running, you might be doing something wrong with your movement.


Join the Virtual Clinic

[8:43] RunRX’s Virtual Clinic will help you on your running journey. Get details at

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