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Jul 23, 2021

Short episode summary

It’s not the shoes that make the runner. In fact, the shoes can actually be what hurts the runner. More impact on your body is never the goal if you hope to run pain-free. Coach Valerie and Coach Caroline are busting the myths of running shoes, the mistakes they see made when analyzing elite runners, how to reduce the impact on your run, and more in this episode. And, Coach Valerie even has some interesting insights on why kids run better than adults do.

Timestamps of big takeaways

[00:46] Coach Valerie explains why landing is a word she doesn't like

[2:04] Coach Valerie shares the bad advice she was given at a running shoe store that can lead to running injuries

[2:50] Coach Valerie talks about the mistake that is made when analyzing elite runners

[3:43] Coach Valerie shares how to reduce the impact on your run

[4:20] Coach Valerie discusses how we learn the wrong way to run, and we need to go back to running naturally the way kids do

[6:16] Coach Valerie addresses the problem with most shoes that are sold for running, and what you really need to wear for proper running technique 

[7:12] Coach Valerie talks about the fact that people who wear cushioned shoes are actually more prone to running injuries

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