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Oct 8, 2021

Short episode summary

Do you have to stop running with your friends if you join RunRX? Of course not! But maybe you should. Listen in now to find out what we mean.


Timestamps of big takeaways

[00:22] Today we’re talking about running groups, and Coach Caroline opens the discussion by talking about running groups she has been a part of 

[01:19] Coach Valerie explains why in the beginning at least you should not run with your running group because you have to master your movement

[03:37] You have to be able to be present when you’re running, and it’s hard to do that in a group of people who aren’t necessarily trained in the correct movement

[04:28] Coach Caroline compares no longer running with a group to someone who is trying a new diet. You can’t expect to keep going to the places you used to eat at if you have to be on a very specific diet

[05:30] Odds are if you couldn’t eat or drink because of a medical reason, people wouldn’t make you feel guilty. So, if you’re trying to run pain-free, you might just need to find another way to hang out with friends until you are comfortable enough running differently than they are

[06:19] Let’s talk about FOMO if running groups are your only social activity

[08:24] There is something to be said about the accountability a running group can give you, but at the same time, you have to be willing to not run the way your friends are if they aren’t running correctly

[10:27] Bottom line - we’re not telling you not to run with friends. However, nail down your movement and get really comfortable with how to run before trying to run with friends. And, if you can’t do it pain-free with them, you might need another activity with them

[12:05] Don’t forget that with the RunRX membership, we give you a community to work with. If you need accountability, and social interaction, we have lots of members you can engage with that completely understand what you’re going through

[13:41] If you run with your regular running group after learning how to run pain-free, you might feel self-conscious about your movement. It’s important to know that, and prepare yourself for it if you still want to run with your friends.

[15:26] We reiterate the benefits of having a coach, and taping your runs to get feedback on your movement so you can do it pain-free. And, we close with a chat on mindset shifts and getting more joy out of your running practice and your life


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