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Dec 2, 2022

Short episode summary

What does running pain-free have to do with riding a unicycle? Tune in and find out!


Timestamps of big takeaways

The Idea of a Unicycle

[01:22] When you run, you are simply changing your support, which is your foot. If you're balanced on your support, you're only on one foot when you use your body weight, and you remove yourself from the support when you detect body weight. Simply speaking, in a way, it's a race to see how quickly you can get on and off your support.


[2:05] Similarly, someone riding a unicycle is balanced on support, and they must hold their upper body in alignment. The unicycle begins to move and the rider pedals and goes forward by shifting their body weight forward.


Challenge For Runners

[03:09] One challenge for runners is that they tend to focus on everything they do wrong rather than what they do correctly or right.


[4:14] When you’re in correct alignment, your foot will touch the ground where it should. The challenge is you must feel confident in your movement and stop looking for the ground.


Movement and Connection

[4:50] When Coach Valerie tells people to do jumping jacks, no one ever asks where they land their feet. In the same way, with running, you know where you should be, and it's just that you've never thought about it before. Once you connect with that, it's a fun little way to begin working on your movement.


Watch Unicycle Videos

[05:54] We challenge you to look up a unicycle video or two and watch them for a few minutes. This will help you understand what you're trying to do when holding your body in line. If you lean forward or move your head in front of your body while riding a unicycle, you'll faceplant. But once you learn the movement, it’s a smooth ride.


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