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Mar 10, 2023

Short episode summary

Are you making excuses to not run? In this episode, Coaches Valerie and Caroline discuss tips for running regardless of the excuses we make.


Timestamps of big takeaways

Don’t Let Your Pain Hold You Back

[00:31] People joining the membership sometimes have physical complaints such as a weak lower back. One thing that happens is we tense up while doing our movements and that can actually cause us more pain. For example, one of our members who had lower back pain was tensing up her entire body, but when she stopped thinking about the back pain and just allowed her body to do the movements properly, she was able to run longer than she has in years. We can adapt to our weaknesses and make our movements around them. 


Your Pain Could Be Related to Your Movement

[02:51] Previous injuries are challenging when trying to learn how to run pain-free. People are often hesitant to let go of what they were doing before they start working with a running coach. But, what a lot of people realize is that the reason they got the injuries is because they weren’t moving correctly. When you move the right way, things like shin splints might just disappear. 


Listen to your Body

[04:19] Coach Valerie encourages people to listen to their bodies and learn how to strengthen the whole body, so they can get out and run. Start doing stretches and strength exercises, such as toe taps to strengthen the foot, ankle, and shin, and ball of foot hops to develop elasticity. These exercises can help people feel better when they run. However, you have to be open-minded and accept that you might not actually have a weakness at all. It could just be that you never knew how to move properly.


Our Body Responds to What We Do

[06:12] The reality is that your body responds to what you do consistently, so adding a few toe taps here and there can help you get back to running and improve your recovery. The best thing RunRX does is give people the tools they need to make sure they can get out of that place of pain and get back to running. When you focus on what you’re supposed to do while running, you may just find your tension starts to go away.


Proper Stretching 

[9:11] The best part of the RunRX program is that our coaches are the first people to admit it and work on what they need to work on to ensure we don't run with injuries or cause injuries. For example, recognizing when you need to stand up and do full-arm shoulder circles to help your feet relax, or seat hip openers to release tension in shoulders and hips. Simple stretches can be life-changing and help you get back out there running again.


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