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Mar 17, 2023

Short episode summary

In this episode, Coaches Valerie and Caroline discuss the relationship between physical therapists and chiropractors to running coaches like them.


Timestamps of big takeaways

Relationship of Therapists to Runners

[00:51] Most runners have been to a physical therapist or chiropractor with a running injury. The Pose Method was the first running method accredited for physical therapy. You shouldn’t expect a physical therapist to be a running coach. A chiropractor gives you an adjustment to get back in line, and the Pose Method teaches you how to stay in line.


The chiropractor is the bone doctor, and the physical therapist is for the muscles. Many runners will go to a chiropractor for a quick adjustment, then go to the physical therapist for muscle pain. The problem is the focus for doctors and physical therapists is usually on one area so runners believe they have bad hips or a bad back, for example.


[02:52] Most people have outer hip pain due to reaching their foot to the ground instead of only pulling their foot up. This is not a limitation of their movement, but rather a system that focuses on correcting where the pain is rather than what is creating it. So, if a runner has IT band pain, the standard exercise is to put a band around them and have them walk sideways or do a clamshell. However, they need help understanding what they were doing in their run to create the pain in the first place and correct their movement pattern.


Recovery Vs. Maintenance

[07:38] Maintenance work is easier than recovery work, and we should not stop doing intervals just because we're not training for a race. It's the same with eating right and prepping for a race. We should keep doing a little work every day to continue lifelong running. You're finally where you can hold the right position where your body can hold pose. Now you have to do maintenance work to stay there.


Balance in our Body

[08:41] Everyone has some imbalance, and it is important to acknowledge and work around it. It is also important to be dedicated to your glute work and footwork, and to work on your movement and awareness of it.


Taking Care of Yourself

[10:19] When going to a doctor, chiropractor, or PT, the hope is that they will fix an immediate issue, and get you into a habit where you can maintain it. If you keep working on maintaining the “fix” you won’t have to keep visiting the doctor. And, if you do have some pain down the road, it will be that much faster to “fix” it again. You must take care of yourself to maintain the adjustments a chiropractor or PT gives you. It’s also worth noting that even if you already “look great running,” it might still be a good idea to work with RunRX just to ensure you are moving correctly to avoid future injuries.


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