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Dec 23, 2022

Short episode summary

In this episode of The RunRX Podcast, coaches Caroline and Valerie discuss individuals who have a mindset of self-limitation and as a result, hold themselves back. They will also share how you can overcome this behavior and unlock your potential in running and everything.


Timestamps of big takeaways

Overcoming Personal Limitation

[00:22] If you are stuck and can't unlock your running potential because of your limitations, you can overcome this by learning correct movement. You begin to own your movement when you realize there are certain movements you can do that will help you move more effectively and lower your risk of injury.


[03:16] Coach Valerie said everyone has limitations and it doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you. She never focuses on a person’s limitations. Instead, she focuses on teaching you how to move, stand, and breathe.


Your Body is Adapting

[04:52] Most of your issues disappear when you learn how to move efficiently because your body adapts to this new movement.


Limitation Happen in Everything

[05:26] Limitations can happen in running, but they can also happen in everything. Coach Caroline tells a story about the time she hated jumping ropes. Because of her limitations with some surgeries she got, she thought she couldn't do jumping ropes. However, with the help of coach Valerie, she could jump rope perfectly.


Coach Relevance

[8:30] Sometimes, a coach can help us overcome our issues because they can help pinpoint what we need and encourage us to continue.


[09:06] Having a coach is what gets you out of that funk. That feeling of you can’t do it and all other negative thoughts.


Challenge for You

[09:39] The challenge for you this week is to consider something else you're doing instead of contributing to what we're doing. And then ask yourself, how are my beliefs and thoughts being constrained? 


We’d like to invite you to come to the upcoming virtual clinic in January. Coaches Caroline and Valerie will help you with the one thing that might help you snap out of your funk.

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