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Jul 19, 2022

Short episode summary

In this episode of the RunRX Podcast, Coach Caroline will talk about RunRX’s Virtual Clinic, and what you need to know about how to work with Coach Valerie. Tune in now!


Timestamps of big takeaways

RunRX Virtual Clinic

[00:25] If you somehow missed out on RunRX’s Virtual Clinic, there’s some exciting news! For a limited time, you have the opportunity to work with Coaches Valerie and Caroline!


RunRX Coaching

[01:20] When people join the membership, they quickly are immersed in the fundamentals of running and connecting with the body. It’s more than doing exercises - students must unlearn how they were previously taught to run and move, and now learn the right way to run pain-free.


Be Coachable

[02:52] You must train yourself to learn and memorize the basics until it is second nature. If you're not in the group yet and want to join RunRX, you must go into it with a mindset of being coachable. Even if you have been running your whole life, you must come in with an open mind to learn something new.



If you want to genuinely learn more about running techniques, then you're already a step closer to running pain-free than most people.


Money Back Guarantee

[04:46] If you get in and are genuinely giving it a try for a couple of days and think it’s not the right program, but you’ve not yet sent in your gait analysis, you will get your money back. You’ve got nothing to lose!


Our Group is Helpful for Accountability!

[05:49] If you think you can't do it, are too busy, have a work project, or just have too much going on, the good news is RunRX will launch the program again. However, we are moving away from the membership and back into a course because we’ve found people work better when they're held accountable for a period of time and they have a group to go with.


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