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Mar 15, 2022

Short episode summary

What are your motivations for running? As many runners as there are, the answers to that question are as varied. Everyone has a different purpose for running, and in this episode, Coach Caroline shares why you should be running.


Timestamps of big takeaways

Shifting Your Purpose for Running


[02:10] What if your goal in running wasn't to reduce weight or become in shape? Or not just checking something off your bucket list? What if it was instead to feel happy? What would it feel like if someone asks you how your run went? Does your immediate response change?


[03:08] What would running be like for you if the reason why you ran was for joy? To be able to come home and say your run was just joyous - how amazing would that be?


When Running Doesn’t Feel Like a Punishment


[03:42] The ability to let go is the one thing that prevents anyone from finding joy in running. Coach Caroline's goal as a coach is to see people progress to the point when running is no longer a punishment or something that must be done.


Feelings Precede Actions - Which Produce Results


[05:26] Our moods and feelings precede our actions, which produce results. So, if we want running to be pleasant, the actions would be easy and effortless. The feeling that precedes the movement must be one of letting go. Be willing to learn and grow, and each one will be a wonderful run. We challenge you this week to just enjoy your run.


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