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May 17, 2022

Short episode summary

Even if you don’t race, you must find ways to motivate yourself to run. Tune in as Coach Caroline shares how to do it!


Timestamps of big takeaways

What Makes You Run?

[00:25] Why are you running if you don’t have any race to attend? There may be various reasons why. It may be because you simply want to stay active, you want to lose weight, running helps you clear your head, you have a scheduled race a few months from now, or something else. 


Comparing Running to Working a Job

[01:53] Finding something good about your job will motivate you to do your job. There will be a time that you will see your work as something boring and unfulfilling, and looking at the good side of the work will help motivate you to keep going.


Bringing Joy to Your Movement

[02:51] During the off-season, you might end up losing motivation when running. You must build a life around running that doesn’t focus on just running. You may try trail running, hiking, and parks.


How to Get Better at Running

[04:02] If you don’t have any scheduled races, you must train and work on what you need to improve. Take this opportunity to do strength training. Set goals that you need to achieve that can improve your run.


Don’t Move Mindlessly

[05:33] Mindless movement gets you injured, and this is why you should be careful with your movements. Once you get injured, it will slow down your progress.


What Would Make Running Fun Again?

[06:53] Think of a way to make running fun for you, and add it to your to-do lists. Motivating yourself to run can be the difference between becoming stagnant and keeping your momentum going.


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