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Jun 14, 2022

Short episode summary

Is it good or bad to run in the heat? Find out in this episode!


Timestamps of big takeaways 

The Truth About Running in Heat

[0:47] You can get dehydrated when you run at the hottest time of the day. This can have negative effects on your health. If you’re running in heat to challenge yourself, maybe it's time to rethink this decision. You should go easy on yourself. You don’t have to punish yourself this way.


Challenging Yourself

[1:43] Challenging yourself gives you the opportunity to push your mind and body beyond their limits. However, this shouldn’t be the focus in running. Going beyond what you can do may lead to injuries and negative effects on your body due to incorrect muscle movement and patterns.


[2:57] We often tell ourselves that we should achieve a certain goal or else we’ll lose our progress. However, this is not the case. Don’t aim for a mile number - instead remember that your body needs hydration, rest, and the ability to build itself up to distance running over time.


Reflecting On Patterns

[4:20] Take a step back and look into what’s stopping you from running. Reflect on what you can do to make it better. If you’re having a hard time in your run, figure out what’s causing it, and try to give it a better solution or alternative. For example, if you’re not moving correctly, you could be injuring yourself and if you’re trying to run when it’s too hot you could be setting yourself up for dehydration and other health issues.


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