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Dec 14, 2021

Short episode summary

Welcome to another episode of The RunRX Podcast! Today, Coach Caroline will talk about their membership.


Timestamps of big takeaways

[00:25] In this episode we’ll address what to expect in the membership


[1:04] The membership is 12 weeks. The program helps you to unlearn and relearn a pattern of movement.


[1:53] Habits are patterns. It's a ritual that you do. In RunRX, they take away the ritual. For example, the RunRX program will ask you not to run for the first three weeks, and that's usually hard for most people. But, you're learning a new movement. 


Breaking the pattern

[4:24] Think of a dirt road. You have this big divot where you've been driving on this dirt road, and now it's rained and gotten cold. You can’t go to that divot anymore because it's icy. Now, you have to create a new road outside of that divot that you were driving in. If you've ever done this when you get up on the side, you can get up there for a while. But if you don't pay attention, you will fall back into the divot. That’s how habits are formed. For the first three weeks, you need to stay out of the divot.


[5:22] Coaches Valerie and Caroline want you to get into the new movements, start building up that pattern, and build up strength. Then you can work on that mindset shift because it’s the final piece of the puzzle that will keep you on the right path and keep you from falling back into that divot. However, it can't be done in a week.


Changing the pattern

[6:12] The point is you are relearning a pattern. You are changing a habit. And the best way to change a habit is to do something different. Get rid of the old things that you were doing. Start with the new pattern, look for a new trigger, and a new reason or “WHY.” And then you have to stay focused with small daily changes.


Making an impact

[07:14] The goal of the program is to impact as many runners as they can. To do that, communication is crucial between the coaches and runners, and they have to work closely with one another. To make the program as effective as possible, the membership program will be limited - so if you’re interested in joining - don’t delay! Join today!

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