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Jun 21, 2022

Short episode summary

How fast other people are running is none of your business. Let’s talk about it!


Timestamps of big takeaways 

Comparing Yourself to Another Runner

[0:27] A great quote Coach Caroline saw was, “Don't worry about my pace, worry about why you worry about my pace.” You shouldn’t be worried about the pace of another runner. They are running for themselves. You should focus on your own pace and running goals. Diverting your attention to what others are doing could affect your run negatively.


What You Need to Do

[1:50] Focus on your run, and be connected to your body. You must ensure that you are executing your run correctly to avoid injuries. Bottom line - focus on you, and don’t worry about other people.


Focus on YOUR Movement

[2:55] All you should really worry about when running is pose, fall, pull. You want to be careful and ensure you’re using the right movements to avoid injury, and it’s harder to do that when you’re worrying about everyone else around you.



[4:46] Have fun with your running. Don’t worry about other people’s pace, clothes, and gear. Because this is your life, this is your race, this is your run. What other people are doing should not define who you are as a runner.


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