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Mar 18, 2022

Short episode summary

How effective is treadmill running vs. outside running? In this episode, Coach Valerie and Coach Caroline will discuss the difference between running on the treadmill and running outside and which one is best.


Timestamps of big takeaways

Treadmill vs. Outside Running

[00:52] Some running purists can’t stand the monotony of treadmill running. Others can’t find the motivation to pick up the pace without manual controls in front of them and love the accuracy of doing a structured workout indoors. Neither group is wrong. There is no right or wrong place to run - as long as you’re moving correctly.



[03:50] While some people would prefer to not be on a treadmill there are some benefits to both treadmill and outdoor runs. For example, treadmills are going to be your best friend if you can’t get outside. Both modalities have pros and cons, and each can help you get stronger and faster, whether you’re looking to train for a race or get in a cardio workout.


How to Workout without Either Option

[05:00] When you cannot get on a treadmill and cannot get outside, you can still do indoor running skill and strength workouts. You can do drills and still get your heart rate up real quick.


Stop Running for a While

[8:39] Working on running and strengthening your legs with pulling and drills will make you a better runner.


30-Day Reboot

[09:15] If you are in a position where for whatever reason, you’re not near the treadmill, or you can’t get outside, and you can’t get your running in, you can go through the free 30 Day reboot. It features tons of drills, skills, self-care, and strength training workouts to help you get back on track without a loss of fitness.


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