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Oct 1, 2021

Short episode summary

Does running feel heavy? It doesn’t have to! Learn how to unweigh yourself and enjoy your run more!


Timestamps of big takeaways

[00:21] The reason we started this podcast is we’ve been meeting once a week for years, and our conversations are on topics you guys need to hear, and one thing we’ve talked about a lot is unweighting

[01:40] Coach Valerie shares about her time as an aerobics teacher

[04:00] Here’s some insight as to how Coach Valerie started her running training

[05:58] To run pain-free though, you need to unweight yourself and be light on your feet

[07:05] If we don’t know how to use our body weight correctly, we can get hurt

[08:13] Coach Valerie talks about the first time she heard the concept of unweighting yourself, and what it actually means

[10:49] Here we break down physically what unweighing the body means in terms of body mass and support

[12:12] So, our head and our torso is 60% of our body weight, and feeling the impact of that weight in running is not pleasant, so we have to be lighter in our movement

[14:11] The next time you go upstairs consider how you pull your body up - you pull it forward to get the weight off of your feet

[16:18] You can start training in unweighting right now

[18:17] What do you do with your arms when unweighting? Those are for balance!

[18:45] If you’re running and something hurts, you might need to unweigh yourself

[20:01] Unweighting yourself takes the pressure off and helps improve your posture

[21:00] As you notice your posture improve, you will also notice movement is less painful

[22:26] Your entire body will feel better and you will become attuned to where things hurt and how to improve your body even more, which in turn can help your mindset too

[24:34] We close out with a story about a woman that came to us not with a running injury, but from being thrown off a horse

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