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Feb 18, 2022

Short episode summary

In this episode of the RunRX Podcast, Coach Valerie will share her experience in her first race of 2022.


Timestamps of big takeaways


How Did It Go?

[00:38] Coach Valerie doesn’t race anymore, but she signs up for at least two runs a year because she still loves to get out there, see what’s going on, and see what’s going on with herself. 


[01:38] Whether you’re trying to set a PR (personal record) or go out there and see how you feel, it is truly the best way to challenge yourself and challenge your running.


[02:22] When she used to do a lot of racing, her goal was to be as high as she could get in her age group. Now Valerie’s goal in racing is to find a place where she can hold and feel good.


The Challenge As a Running Coach in a Race

[4:57] Part of being a running coach is you love running, and you love helping people get better at running. Valerie’s challenge with runners is she wants to help them be more efficient. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to run properly or run efficiently.


[7:21] There are a lot of people with potential that they don’t realize they have.


The Social Aspect of Races

[9:19] What’s hard for Valerie is there can be a real social aspect to running. You should sign up for a race and run by yourself. Other people are part of a big group, but many people almost talk themselves into running slower. You start holding back if someone’s struggling, and it’s not your race anymore, and it needs to be your run.


[10:04] It’s amazing how much more you can get into the run when you’re just focusing on your run, and how your body is moving.


[11:08] Coach Valerie prefers to be around people who are actually focused on the running in races. It’s a really different experience to run your own run in a race.


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