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Sep 23, 2022

Short episode summary

Today, Coach Valerie and Coach Caroline talk about walking into your next run. One of the RunRX members was coming back from an injury, and in this episode, the coaches discuss what they did to help that member make some progress and get back to running.


Timestamps of big takeaways

An Impressive Progress

[1:00] An injured member came into the program, and his first goal was to run a race. Coach Caroline and Valerie motivated that member not to quit and promised him that if he did the practice without the running, then he could walk, which Caroline and Valerie would teach, and he would get the benefits needed to ultimately get through the injury and run pain-free.


[1:51] He had already sent in a gait analysis before he got injured. Coach Valerie had seen his previous run. Then he comes back and says, “I can run again. Here’s my analysis.”



[2:33] The RunRX coaches do get a lot of people in their programs that come in injured. Coach Valerie tells people she can modify anything for anybody if they’re willing to come in and put in the work. This is the main part of running that people have missed out on - there's a running position, there's a posture, and there's an alignment to running. Working on the alignment and getting your movements right is the hardest part.  


[3:22] Because he couldn't run, he was only putting himself in that correct position and then practicing it while walking. When he came back to running, he had been doing the skill practice so he could move correctly. Now, he will have to rebuild, but now he knows how to hold his pose when running. It’s all about practice.


Pose Method

[5:21] We recognize so many of these standards of movement in sports. However, most people don't talk about there being one for running, let alone walking. Most people think walking is just sticking your leg out to go forward. To walk faster, they'll try to extend their legs forward and pump their arms. It's all about traveling. With pose walking, what Coaches Valerie and Caroline teach you is how to balance your body weight and how to work with your own weight through gravity.


[6:56] The difference in the walking pose is that you start with your legs separated. Because walking is two feet on the ground, and running is only one foot on the ground. It's important to understand that. Less balance is necessary for walking.


Get Back Into Running

[9:22] What Coaches Valerie and Caroline want you to do is get you to where you can run correctly, and that is the best part. At the end of the practice, they see you, you're coming on the Zooms live and sending in your gait analysis. They’re also assessing where you're ready to go, and where you might need improvement.


[11:55] Check in with yourself. You can walk and get great results if you practice and put in the work. Then, you will eventually be able to run again and do it pain-free.

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