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Dec 9, 2022

Short episode summary

In this episode of the RunRX podcast, Coaches Valerie and Caroline discuss how runners are injured, how they deal with it, and how to decrease the risk of being injured again.


Timestamps of big takeaways

We Are Our Injury

[00:43] Coach Valerie has encountered many clients that have concerns about their bodies, specifically imbalances. Imbalances are precisely why the RunRX method concentrates on strength, balance, and proper movement. By focusing on those elements, you will realize you have actually already adapted to how you are made.


[01:38] As you learn how to move better, you won’t see your imbalances or body overall as a limitation. The drills will help you have less pain and move correctly.


Mastering Martial Arts with a Disability

[02:32] Coach Caroline shares a tale about how Bruce Lee became a master of martial arts even though one leg was shorter than the other.


Running Lopsided

[03:20] Coach Valerie talks about Dr. Romanov's Pose Method for running. This strategy does not attempt to alter your genetic makeup, but trains both legs equally and improves hip stability while working on your capacity to pull swiftly on both feet.


Quick Pulls Drills

[05:57] Football players are some of the best runners because they always do quick-beat drills to improve their field running. Quick pulls are different from running fast. It is about learning to pull your feet fast without being concerned about your respiration or heart rate.


[08:00] Don’t let your physical limitations prevent you from running. We all have different body issues, but we still must learn how to move correctly despite our physical limitations so that we can run without pain.


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