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Mar 24, 2023

Short episode summary

Running shouldn’t be about focusing on the finish line. We’re not all elite runners trying to win a race. Tune in to learn where your focus should be.


Timestamps of big takeaways

The Importance of Gait Analysis and Check In

[00:40] Coach Valerie uses the gait analysis while working with runners. A gait analysis is the assessment of the way the body moves usually by running from one place to another. The purpose is to detect abnormalities in how you are moving. You will usually notice this in your own race photos: when we look at ourselves, we tend to focus on the negative. That’s why Coach Valerie stresses the importance of letting your coach review your run - for an unbiased look that focuses on the standard of movement.


How Do You Know a Good Run?

[01:31] The way we move or run isn’t always perfect. The hard part is figuring out what we're really supposed to do while we're running. For some runners, the question is, how do you really know if you had a good run? Is it the fact you not only finished but also in the time you wanted? OR maybe it’s just enough that you completed the run without hurting yourself.


Reconnect With What Running Should Feel Like

[03:46] Coach Valerie wants to show people how running should feel. As we get older, we start running based on our heart rate, the amount of time, or how many miles we're going to run. 


When we run, many of us just kind of make up our own moves. What most people are really feeling when they run is the satisfaction of finishing the task. Coach Valerie takes you through drills that put you in the correct movement pattern though. The best part is the shift that comes when people are no longer focusing on the satisfaction of completing the run, but instead on how they were feeling while they were running. This shift is really powerful, and we want everyone to feel how good it can feel to run pain-free.


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