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Jun 17, 2022

Short episode summary

There are things you can control while running. Tune in now as RunRX Coaches Valerie and Caroline explain what you should be doing while running and the parts of running that you have control over.


Timestamps of big takeaways

Your Job in Running

[1:02] When it comes to running, you have a job to do - ensure that you are holding your upper body in line with your shoulders. The hip should also be in line, allowing yourself to fall and pull.


Understanding Running

[2:19] Most of the time, people don’t understand what running is. We try to copy what we see others doing in running, but the challenge is to focus on making the body move forward correctly. There is a standard of movement that not enough people talk about, and if you run the right way, you’re less likely to get injured.


[3:03] Imagine no longer feeling pain in your quads when running - while you may feel strain and pull on your hamstrings and calves, you can work on your muscle elasticity and strength overall.


[3:49] Most people that come to RunRX are simply focused on the pain they are feeling, but you can run pain-free - that’s not to say you won’t feel like you’re working out though! There is a difference.


Running Issues

[4:47] Sometimes, when we encounter pain, we assume it is because of our run. However, in most cases, these issues are not caused by running itself, but by something in the body part that hurts.


[5:06] Many people are taught that running is simply pushing and reaching. Meanwhile, others are often taught to work with both legs. Both are actually incorrect. We teach you how to actually run correctly.


[5:50] When running, you don’t have to intentionally swing your arms. When it comes to your foot and knee, you don’t have to pick up your knees and pull the foot as high as the knee. You simply break from the ground and have the correct contact with the ground.


Coaching and Membership

[7:52] Coach Valerie is the movement lady, and Coach Caroline is good with mindset coaching.


[9:02] In mindset coaching with Coach Caroline, she first asks you to get personal and think about your life - how you run is how you do everything after all. Combining movement coaching and mindset can help you improve not just your run, but many other aspects of your life too.


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