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Dec 17, 2021

Short episode summary

In this episode, Coaches Valerie and Caroline will share some essential and powerful running form drills to improve speed, form, and efficiency.


Timestamps of big takeaways

[00:38] The best drill you could ever do for yourself, according to Coach Valerie, is a single pose fall pull. Coach Valerie was still an aerobics instructor when she first learned about the Pose Method. She had purchased books and videos and memorized the drills. When she met Dr. Romanov, she realized she didn't want to be good at drills, but rather at running. The drills simply help you feel what it's like to run and develop muscle elasticity.


We Don’t Let You Run - At First

[02:23] With RunRX we don’t allow you to run. We ask you to stay for three weeks and only do the drills to learn the muscle and the running movement. As you continue to practice, you’ll get a variety of drills. Everyone connects differently with the ball of foot hop and, ultimately, the ball of foot hop is the foundation of your run.


[03:16] When Coach Caroline says, "We don't let you run," she means you should change it up and take out your distance runs - it's just a different way of running. Instead of running a mile, you'll do 3-10 sets of drills. You're improving muscle tone and elasticity, cardiovascular strength, and, most importantly, refining your perception and the ability to shift your body.


Developing Your movement

[06:06] According to Coach Valerie, 99% of people come in with some pain or injury when running out. RunRX will assist you in developing your movement while you are recovering, and help you in regaining quality in your run, including warm-ups, skill drills, and eventually running.


Challenge Yourself

[08:02] You must be determined and push yourself at all times. Push yourself to do at least 3-10 sets of your drills. It does not require you to check the ten box, nor does it imply that you are better than someone who did three or five. All you have to do is push yourself without injuring yourself.


Variations of Drills

[09:29] You will practice a drill at least once a day, and you’ll realize that you can improve your running by doing just one small thing consistently.


Purpose of Drills

[13:50] You must first accept that there has to be a purpose behind the drills. Each one focuses on the pose, the fall, or the pull, and they are the foundation for running pain-free.


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