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May 13, 2022

Short episode summary

We sometimes think that you don’t have to train when you don’t have an upcoming race. In this episode of RunRX Podcast, Coach Caroline and Coach Valerie dispel this myth and share the things you should be doing to maintain your run and skills even when you’re not training for a race.


Timestamps of big takeaways

Motivation to Run

[01:00] Coach Valerie mentioned that when she quits racing, she still runs every Sunday at 4 AM. She shared that seeing the benefits of running and getting your skills enhanced and trained makes you excited to continue to run despite not racing. Even if you’re not training for a race, you are training to get better at running.


Doing Drills

[04:10] Sometimes, drills like hopscotch or jump rope are being done to help with running. It improves your skills once you go back to the running drill. Jump rope is great for runners, and it enables you to find elasticity.


Caring About Yourself

[06:53] In every session, some people worry that the other participants might be judging them. The truth is, most people are focusing on themselves, and you should be too. Consider whether or not you are making the right moves.


Strength Training

[09:17] At RunRX, we might recommend a minimum of three runs, two or three skill sessions a week, and daily skill and self-care. But, if you’re injured, there may be necessary modifications along the way. Whether you’re running or doing drills, self-care is important every day.


[10:38] If you’re working with RunRX, adding runs into your workout regimen is not a problem. As long as you’ve recovered and have not gotten injured, that’s okay. Training even if you have no race to attend is important, and it keeps you ready and prepared if you’ve decided to join and run again.


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