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May 6, 2022

Short episode summary

In this episode of the RunRX Podcast, we will talk about how you can run the distance and get back to running. This episode will also talk about how you can transition your body back into running from an injury. Tune in now!


Timestamps of big takeaways


What’s Been Coming Up?

[00:30] There is this feeling where we need to go for a long-distance run. And if we miss that distance, we will somehow miss out on fitness.


How Runners Get Fit While Injured

[01:09] Traditionally, the first answer is to cross-train when a runner is injured. Many injured runners will go for a swim or cycle or do something to replace the running movement they need. But when a runner has an injury, you still need to move.


[02:25] If you think you can replace running with just biking, understand that it is an entirely different exercise. Even though it is an exercise, you still have to do the work to recover from your injury and get back to running.


RunRX Immersion Drills

[03:25] We all have these habits or patterns that we've been doing for years. Most of us don't even think about how we run because we go running. Instead of running three miles, do a series of skill drills. As you come to understand the drill, you're learning what running correctly feels like. It's like anything like learning a new dance move. You're a little bit awkward and uncomfortable at first, but you’re still working out.


Walking and Running are Not the Same

[05:49] Walking and running are not the same thing at all. While some things are similar, like holding your upper body in the same place, they are two different movements. And a lot of people think that running is just fast walking.


Getting Better

[06:33] What you're developing when you first start is a skill. When you see these elite runners out there, they're so good at it because they practice for hours. So that is what you are going to do.


[09:19] Ideally, strength training can be done right after an interval workout. You could warm up, pick a skill drill, and play with it. The challenge for you is to not come back to running. But to get your muscle elasticity back. It is about getting your connection back with your body. The more you start to use your body as it's meant to be used, you'll start to run how you're supposed to run.


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