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Aug 5, 2022

Short episode summary


Do you have to look like a runner to be a runner? What does that even mean? Body types are irrelevant! In this episode we’re chatting about the fact that if you’re running, you have a runner’s body.


Timestamps of big takeaways


Being Thin Doesn’t Make You A Runner

[00:25] Coach Caroline opens with a candid conversation about her body type. She might not be a very thin person, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have a runner’s body.

[00:54] Coach Valerie shares that while there is a body shape people expect for certain sports, the reality is there is no “runner’s body.”


Body Weight vs Body Type

[02:24] You are carrying your body weight when you run. So your weight does actually have an impact on your running. But, just because you have a bigger bottom, or belly, doesn’t mean you can’t be a runner.


[03:46] We won’t deny that being thinner or lighter will make you a more efficient runner, but you don’t have to be thin or a certain weight to start running.


Don’t Wait to Run

[04:53] Don’t wait to start running until you reach a certain number on the scale. What is more important than trying to get to a certain number, is making sure you’re moving correctly. That matters regardless of how much you weigh right now! Because even thin people can experience injuries if they don’t use the right standard of movement while running!


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