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Jan 7, 2022

Short episode summary

In this episode, Coaches Valerie and Caroline discuss the fact that you are not your mobility, and you are not your injury. It's about the thoughts that you're creating before you go out and run. Find out what this means by tuning in right now!


Timestamps of big takeaways


Elements of Running

[01:11] According to Coach Valerie, running is very simple. It consists of just three elements: pose, fall, and pull. The runner's job is to pull the foot, and once the foot is pulled, the work is done. Right then, the runner immediately prepares to pull the other foot. In her running, she always tells people, it's up, up, up because the job is to pull the foot, gravity brings that lifted foot down, and it brings it down quickly and must be ready to pull. Therefore, the mind, actions, and thoughts should not be occupied with pulling the foot for the concept to work together.


[03:00] Running is a simple concept once you realize it. But the problem is doing it correctly. To run pain-free, you must understand how the body moves and how it's supposed to move. 


[05:05] Running is considered an exhausting sport. It may appear very simple and easy to do, but it requires hard work and proper training. Mental preparation is also key. But, after all the training and hard work, the key to running is to let go and let gravity do the work.


Muscle Control

[05:39] In the beginning, learning to run is awkward. A lot of muscles are used. There are things you've not done before. Most people use their hamstrings. They've never pulled their foot. They've never done ball of foot hops, and all of the drills we teach. That’s why self-care, stretching, and mental training is important.




Dr. Romanov always says, “stop reaching for the ground. The ground is already there. Just accept it”. People are constantly wanting to control footstrike. Do not try to control foot strike, but instead, allow the ground to come to you. You pull the foot up, and gravity puts your foot down at the right place at the right time. It's freeing.


Active Landing


If the foot is landing actively ahead and it's out on its side or heel side of the front part of your foot, it is because instead of pulling your foot, you're landing. So in the air, the ankle should be allowed to move. The challenge is that if you do nothing, gravity will put it down just like it should. And that's where many runners get stuck.


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