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Nov 25, 2022

Short episode summary

In this episode, Coaches Valerie and Caroline will discuss the importance of focusing only on one thing rather than doing multiple things simultaneously.

Timestamps of big takeaways

The One Thing To Think About

[01:49] Running requires you to pull your foot up from the ground and be prepared and ready to do so. You should be focused on this one task to do your job in running. The thing about running is that you must prepare to pull the other foot as soon as you fall. Pose, fall, pull…That is how you develop the rhythm


[3:04] The challenge for you is to focus on when it is time to pull the foot, but first, you must understand what pulling is, and become comfortable with it.  


Focusing on Breathing

[04:28] Many people practice meditation or yoga to unwind. Others aren't very good at those things. Like in meditation, where you let go of everything else and focus on breathing, running also requires you to focus on breathing and pulling the foot.


Mental Energy

[6:17] Learning the pattern of holding your body in the correct posture, keeping it in line, and focusing solely on pulling can be mentally exhausting. The good news is, after a while, your body becomes accustomed to the pattern. Your muscle memory will eventually take over some of the work so that your brain does not have to think as much. It gradually becomes more natural.


We All Have a Natural Blueprint for Running

[07:29] Humans are born with the ability to run. Our methods restore the true connection between the body and the brain. Running works every muscle in your body. Because of that connection, the exercise must be extremely focused. When you truly concentrate on what you're supposed to do, everything else begins to fall away. It's almost like reconnecting with your natural movement.


Purpose and Intent

[09:07] Each drill we give you comes with a purpose and intent. The three elements of the gait cycle will be “drilled” into you over time, with your drills focusing on one of the elements so your body becomes used to the movements.


Disconnect From Other Things

[10:36] If you truly want to learn this, you must disconnect from things like music and talking to your friends. It can be for five or ten minutes, or as much as an hour. The key is to allow your brain to concentrate on the tasks you’re doing, however. Put in the work, and it will become more natural to run pain-free.


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