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Sep 17, 2021

Short episode summary

There should be a standard of movement in running. Listen in to learn why it’s the key to running pain-free. 


Timestamps of big takeaways

[00:21] Coach Caroline explains what prompted this episode

[01:35] The problem is there’s never been a standard in running, but we believe there should be

[02:29] Because there is no standard, people just mimic what they see, but they often do it wrong. We see it in their gait analysis

[03:17] A problem we have in RunRX is when we ask people about running, they focus on the emotions, not the physical aspects of how to do it pain-free

[04:15] We’ve never been taught how to run correctly, so there’s resistance to it

[04:45] Most people give the wrong answer as to why they are getting injured with running

[05:48] Coach Valerie talks about watching the Olympics

[07:49} You can run the way you want to as long as you use the RunRX standard of movement that will prevent injuries

[08:54] It’s okay to question what your track coach told you!

[10:05] People don’t question Coach Valerie, but she does get a lot of questions. You can send us your questions too! We might answer them in a Facebook live


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