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Dec 22, 2020

Short episode summary

Why should you video your run? For starters, until Coach Valerie can see how you run, she can’t help you improve your technique. This isn’t about judgment, it’s about changing your movements so that you can run pain-free.


The RunRX membership is three months long so that you can really hone in on the proper movements and the mindset work while getting enough repetition that you can build a habit of running correctly. We live in an amazing time where we can have coaches online and learn from the comfort of our own living rooms on Zoom, and there’s never been a better time to perfect the art of running.


Timestamps of big takeaways

[00:27] Coach Caroline talks briefly about what makes her a coach 

[1:05] Coach Valerie addresses learning as a new movement

[2:50] Coach Valerie talks about falling and how though it feels unnatural, you need it to run well

[3:50] Coach Caroline addresses that people are self-conscious to video themselves running, and Coach Valerie discusses why

[4:56] Coach Caroline explains what sending a video is and is not, and spoiler alert! It’s not about judgment
[5:38] Coach Valerie shares the problem with asking a physical therapist or sports doctor for help with running injuries rather than just addressing the problems by using video of them running

[6:52] Coach Caroline explains that the video analysis is private in the RunRx Membership

[7:55] What it’s like to Zoom and to get coached in running with RunRx

[9:26] What it’s really like in the beginning of coaching

[10:56] Coach Valerie shares why the RunRx membership is three months

[12:02] Coach Caroline reiterates why it’s not just four weeks or eight weeks for the RunRx membership and to master your running technique 

[13:13] Practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect


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