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Jun 11, 2021

Short episode summary

How does it feel when you run? What is your perception of running? You’ll learn a lot in this episode including why it’s important to tune into your body to run pain-free.


Timestamps of big takeaways

  • [00:25] We share a quick recap of our most recent Tough Love Tuesday episode
  • [02:11] Coach Valerie shares her take on the Running Revolution book by Dr. Nicholas
  • [03:08] How thirsty are you? Coach Valerie discusses our thoughts vs. actions here 
  • [04:08] What vs how - Coach Valerie talks about these two ideas in terms of running 
  • [04:20] Nobody really talks about the question, “What is running?”
  • [04:34] What would you learn first in a swim class? 
  • [05:16] Coach Caroline talks about triathletes
  • [06:47] The stigma of not knowing how to run is explained here 
  • [07:20] Coach Valerie talks about running and kids
  • [08:29] Coach Caroline explains that you wouldn’t expect a triathlete to swim without lessons
  • [09:12] Here you will learn what running is in RunRX terms 
  • [10:47] There is a reason you need certifications and training to coach in running
  • [11:50] How is running similar to a religion? Coach Caroline dishes on this here
  • [12:16] Coach Valerie talks about Dr. Romanov and the questions he asked her about running 
  • [13:08] The perception of how to run is wrong with most people that come to us 
  • [13:35] Your fear in learning how to run is actually what’s causing you to get injured 
  • [14:16] Pulling is natural... 
  • [14:45] This is what most people are doing when walking and running without realizing it 
  • [15:31] We’re not jumping when we run, instead we’re doing this 
  • [16:30] The simplicity of the movement is what makes people nervous, but running can be simple 
  • [17:24] Magic happens when we teach you how to balance on your own bodyweight
  • [18:05] Coach Caroline talks about change of support, and Dr. Romanov’s book some more  
  • [19:43] Coach Valerie reminds you to listen to your body, and gain perception of your actions
  • [20:20] When you first start working with the RunRX method, this is how it will feel 
  • [21:04] Multitasking isn’t helpful when learning how to run 
  • [22:05] Coach Caroline shares what’s coming next with the podcast

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Links mentioned in episode

-- Tough Love Tuesdays episode on Running Revolution:

-- Running Revolution, by Dr. Nicholas Romanov by Dr. Nicholas Romanov

-- The Pose Method by Dr. Nicholas Romanov

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