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Nov 26, 2021

In order to keep our membership focused on the needs of the runner, we closed our membership and will only open it quarterly, but as a special PRE-HOLIDAY sale we are going to open it for 4 days only!!


Short episode summary

Coaches Valerie and Caroline discuss the new membership program and the importance of shifting your thoughts on running. Running is not a seasonal sport, and you must practice running correctly to change your mindset about what running is and how you approach your running training. Consider this episode a sneak preview of our new program that is launching.


Timestamps of big takeaways

[00:35]  Coach Caroline explains how the 6-week course of RunRX evolved into a membership for group coaching

[2:39] Coach Valerie discusses how the pandemic impacted her training as well as what it was like doing live 2-day clinics, then 1-day clinics, then pop-up clinics, and ultimately her online training

[4:45] Coach Caroline spills the beans that RunRX is switching to a new platform for the membership group coaching program

[5:34] Coach Valerie explains why in the first three weeks we ask you not to run in the new group coaching program

[6:12] Coach Caroline expands on what is done in that first three weeks and how the drills still equal out to a full workout

[7:24] Drills are how every sport trains, and this membership course is engineered to help you train properly so you can run correctly

[8:11] Coaches Caroline and Valerie address the push back that members have about not running in the first three weeks and explains how your body will come out stronger and better for it

[9:55] By using the drills and learning the proper way to run, your body will adapt correctly to how to move. This is why the course is done the way it is

[11:00] What happens if you need to start the course all over again after a break from running?

[11:29] Coach Caroline explains why you need to listen to your coach

[12:01] What happens in the first week of the course?

[13:08] There’s more than one way to do a drill, and there’s a reason you do them over and over

[13:56] Invitation to look at the new membership


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