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Aug 17, 2021

Short episode summary

Got pain? This episode may help heal it. It’s a bold statement, but tune in now to learn how!


Timestamps of big takeaways

[00:25] Coach Caroline shares a little about working with Coach Valerie, and her experience

[02:05] Coach Caroline talks about an injury she incurred from being too sedentary for awhile

[03:03] Here you will learn the steps Coach Caroline took to heal from the pain

[03:48] On a day she had to see Coach Valerie in person, Coach Caroline describes what they did to help ease the back pain

[05:34] What was the point of hearing this story? Find out here

[06:22] We may not be doctors, but the work we do can help heal your body

[07:02] Don’t misunderstand, we believe in traditional medicine, PT, and chiropractors. However, you need to hear this

[07:46] What should you do if you have a pain in your calf? Coach Caroline shares the answer

[08:20] Here is your challenge for the week


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