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May 14, 2021

Short episode summary

Am I gonna die doing the RunRX method? We hope not! But, you will feel discomfort. In this episode, you will learn why you feel uncomfortable and when there is actual cause for concern.


Timestamps of big takeaways

[00:25] We start off explaining why discussing heart rate is one of our favorite topics

[01:07] Coach Valerie addresses why your heart rate is going up in the RunRX method

[02:24] After running the wrong way, you come to us and this happens

[02:54] In the beginning of the RunRX method, it is shocking

[03:12] Coach Caroline shares what she does to get through the panic of elevated heart rate

[03:37] Here you will learn what will happen after you get used to running correctly

[04:20] The good news is...well, you have to go here to find out

[04:48] Coach Caroline talks panicking and deep breaths

[05:29] Coach Valerie discusses elite runners and their temperament when racing

[06:00] Do you like to run while talking with your friends? You need to listen here

[06:31] Fear is normal, but, keep this in mind…

[07:34] Stop or don’t stop when you feel the fear?


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