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May 28, 2021

Short episode summary

Can you put on your pants without tipping over? Coaches Valerie and Caroline are delivering truth bombs you might not be ready to hear, but that you need if you want to run pain-free. Don’t miss this episode! Listen in right now!


Timestamps of big takeaways

[00:25] Coach Caroline shares a fun dog hair hack and a story about balance

[02:01] Coach Valerie shares a fun balance challenge she has been trying

[02:57] Running begins with balance

[03:43] the RunRX method helps you with balance

[04:40] Coach Caroline talks about the 3 cores of the RunRX method

[05:04] This might surprise you, but the RunRX method doesn’t integrate…

[05:30] Here you will learn what Coach Valerie recommends for helping with balance

[05:59] Coach Valerie wants you to think of this when you think of your core

[06:37] Coach Caroline discusses how simple changes lead to other changes for losing weight and other things you want to change

[08:23] Doing things with intention makes an incredible difference

[08:48] Find out what you must do consistently for success here

[09:59] Here you’ll learn when you can add weight lifting for running

[10:28] Many people skip these specific exercises when they shouldn’t

[10:55] Coach Caroline recommends the 30-day reboot

[12:08] Learn one thing you will never do with the RunRX method here

[13:04] Coach Valerie shares one thing you can do to work on balance


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