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Sep 9, 2022

Short episode summary

Some people enjoy running more when they are with other people. The problem is that running with friends could result in talking and not focusing on your movements. Tune in and find out why it might be better to just shut up and run!


Timestamps of big takeaways

Not Focusing on Your Run

[0:32] Coach Valerie shared her story of when she first started running. Before she became a running coach, she was a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. With that experience, she saw the difference when she went for a run with a group vs alone. In the running group, people are either talking or listening to music, not focusing on their run. Meanwhile, in group fitness, the people focus on their breathing and movement.


Running is a Connection With the Body

[2:44] In order to run well, you need to be aware of where you are going, what you are doing, and how you are going about your movements. The act of running allows your brain and body to reconnect.


[5:05] If a person doesn’t want to talk or listen to music while running, it doesn’t mean they are no fun. They are focusing on their breathing and doing the exercise correctly. Running is a connection with the body. Thus, it requires focus.


Running With Someone

[6:43] Running together with someone doesn’t mean that you have to run side by side - or that you have to talk! You can run on your own and meet at the end of the line. Coach Caroline mentions how this is similar to a running event. In a race, even if you’re together with friends, you don’t run side by side. You run at your own pace and meet at the end.


[7:43] You can run with friends and run at your own pace. You can have fun and do your drills together, but when it comes time to run - actually run, make sure you’re focusing on your body and your movement. You can talk later.


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